(last updated January 5th 1998)
The Beginning
[contents] Monday, August nineteenth, nineteen ninety-six. This was probably the last day In Germany this year. I got up at about seven o'clock, quickly took a shower, ate my breakfast and put my baggage into our Volvo. Shortly after nine, my parents drove me to the Frankfurt airport. My little sister Raïce was at my grandparent's in Belgium, so it wasn't too hard for her saying goodbye. After about a hundred and twenty-five miles, we finally arrived. I checked-in my baggage and bought some gummy-bears, because they seemingly didn't exist in the US. After some cups of coffee and a few words of farewell there was the announcement for flight 402 Lufthansa to Newark, New York. Actually, the airport is in New Jersey, but very close to New York City. Before I got on the plane, I noticed some more exchange students who also were with my organization, because they were wearing, just like me, a T-shirt of the organization. Later, we sat together in the Jumbo-Jet.
New York City
[contents] The flight was about eight hours long, so we arrived at about ten p.m. Central European Time. But because of the time-difference it was only four p.m. in New York. Now, we were standing there. In that small airport. All alone. Sometime, after almost one hour of waiting, somebody arrived with a nameplate labeled "PAX". Then we found out that this is the American part of the exchange program. PAX stands for Program of Academic eXchange. There were others who were not from the Deutsch Amerikanischen Studien Gesellschaft, DASG, my German organization, but they were all with PAX. Those two hundred exchange students were spread out into three or four buses. I was going to South Dakota and I had met three girls who also went there. During the forty-minutes long trip through traffic jams to Park Central Hotel in Manhattan we talked about a lot of things. From time to time, we looked out the window to see the world-famous skyline of Manhattan. Since Manhattan is an island, we drove through Lincoln-Tunnel. It is hard to remember the rest, because the time difference makes really tired.
View from Empire State Building

In the hotel, there was a meeting in the mezzanine where we got our room-key-cards, an information binder, a red "PAX"-labeled T-shirt and more of that stuff. My room was on the tenth floor, pretty close to the elevator. We were four people in a room, so we disassembled the beds, so everyone had his own mattress. At half past eight, we had to come together in the lobby, to go have dinner altogether. Now the whole troop went one street farther to the well known Hard Rock Café New York. Somehow, the food was awful, so we decided to go back to the hotel, where there was supposed to be a party. We went to the so-called ballroom, but it looked more like a gym. And that party was everything else but a party, so we two left again. We talked again and we just walked around. In Europe it now was four a.m., so it was understandable that I was getting tired. At about one a.m. I decided to go to bed.

When I woke up at seven, I hadn't slept very well. I went to the mezzanine, where there was breakfast. But the only good thing was the coffee. I returned to my room to take a shower. Since there were no towels, I used one of my T-shirts to get dry. Shortly before nine I went to the Skyline Suite, where the Orientation meeting took place. The two hundred students were divided into several groups. The meeting was over at eleven in the Liberty Suite.

We had lunch in Motown Café. I didn't feel too well, so I didn't eat very much. But now starts the New York Tour. It started at the not too far Central Park. Down the Fifth Avenue to the south, short stop in the Coca Cola store, Warner Brothers Store, Trump Tower with the high waterfalls, and a short break at St. Patrick’s Cathedral. I didn't go into the cathedral, but instead I went to a photo store to buy a new film for my camera. And it continued to Rockefeller Center. Short stop to take pictures and then direction Empire State Building. At the New York Public Library, a huge Library in center of Manhattan, I stopped to take a picture of it, but the group hadn't stopped and was a hundred feet farther. This was not so bad, because it was always straight ahead we had to go. But suddenly, they were all gone. Luckily we had a map and I suggested to look at it. We figured out that we were standing at thirty-third street, which meant very close to the Empire State Building. But we couldn't see it. We turned around and we discovered a big sign: "Empire State Building". So we were standing just in front of it! When we entered we immediately found our leader who gave us our tickets. We had two hours time to go to the observation deck, on the eighty-sixth floor, to look around there and then come back down. That was actually not very much time because you lost almost half an hour standing in line to use the elevator. At five we all got into a bus for a small sightseeing tour. We drove through Chinatown, the city of the Chinese, further through Little Italy, where the Northern-Italians still live divided from the Southern-Italians, always further to South-Manhattan to South Street Seaport, to a shopping-center called Pier Seventeen, right at the harbor. After we arrived there at six thirty, we each got a ten Dollar bill for our dinner. At a quarter to eight, we had to be at the bus again. I thought ten Bucks wouldn't be enough, but I ordered food for merely five Dollars and couldn't eat more than half of it.

The bus left at eight o'clock sharp to the Sony IMAX Theatre. It was getting dark already, so we could see the Broadway "by night". In this street there are all the famous theatres and musicals like for example Cats, Les Misérables, Miss Saigon, Sunset Boulevard, and many more. With the bus, we were driving north again. Just like everyone, I was taking pictures of everything you could see. Scheduled arriving time was nine p.m., but since there was not much traffic that day we already arrived at eight thirty.

In the movie theatre, we got a ticket and went up two escalators, where everyone got a pair of 3D-glasses. We entered the hall and sat down right in the center, just in front of the large screen. The name of the film we were about to see was "Across the Sea of Time" and was about forty minutes long. The story itself wasn't that good, but the 3D-effects are beyond description. When it was over we all went outside back into the bus, back to Park Central Hotel.

Now we had to go directly to the Skyline Suite to get our travel information. Afterwards, there was some more verbal information for the continuation of the journey.

Meanwhile it was already eleven o’clock at night so we all went to our rooms. I fell asleep immediately with no ifs or buts, with my clothes on.
everything is flat...Two hours later, I woke up again. I packed and put my baggage into the floor. At exactly three o’clock the wake-up call rang. Then I brought my suitcases into the lobby.

We had to be ready at three thirty, but we arrived downstairs at ten minutes to four. We drank some coffee and got on the bus. One hour later we arrived at Newark Airport. It was getting bright again. Since we had more than an hour left, we did it at ease. We stayed outside for a while, then we went to the Check-in. We were all alone, so it went really quick. Now we didn’t have our luggage any more and we went to the gate where the plane was going to leave. At six, we were allowed to go on the plane. It was a smaller one than the one we had before, but it was just a normal domestic flight. After take-off I fell asleep again. When we got breakfast, I was not that hungry, because I had drunk too much coffee. At eight thirty we landed in Minneapolis, which meant we had changed the time zone again.

The airport of St.Paul was very long and luckily, there were those assembly-lines, like flat escalators. On top of that we had to go to the other side of the building. Arrived at gate fifteen E, we sat down until we could board. This was our last plane, that is we didn’t have to change plane any more. It was a small propeller aircraft. Only half of the seats were occupied, so I could choose where to sit down. I sat down in the last row and I stretched myself in the way that I occupied five seats.

Day 1 - Aberdeen
[contents] After a short stopover in Watertown, South Dakota, we finally landed, as planned, at eleven o’clock in Aberdeen. It was more than eighty degrees warm, there was a soft south wind and humidity was high, but normal for the time of the year. It was just like standing in the middle of a desert. People living here are proud when they have a tree in their backyard. Everything is flat because of the presence of a glacier long time ago, and as far as you can see there is no tree. All passengers went into the airport building, where I instantly recognized my host-mother and host-sister with a placard labeled "WIELKOMMEN LIEVEN". I never told them they spelled it wrong.
Golden Eagles

Outside, my host-mother Diane, her seventeen-year-old daughter Alisha and I went to the car. From the pictures they had sent to me, I knew that they had a white Van, but I couldn’t find it. Instead we went toward a red Nissan, who belonged to the daughter. Later I learned that the Van had a flat tire. The weather was hot and I was really tired but I was glad that I finally arrived. We drove into the city of Aberdeen. It is really different from what I was used to in Germany; the streets are all rectangular and parallel to each other. We only had to turn once and then we kept driving north. I knew what the number of the house was, but I was confused about how numbers were given to the houses. Every third house, the number rose about one hundred. Later, I knew that the first digits stand for the block and the second digits are for the house itself. They had a little cute house outside of the city. We stopped right next to their van, which was standing in the driveway. After we entered the front door, we had to walk through the living room. There was no door to the kitchen, it looked like the house only has one room. But it seems that all American homes are like that. My room was in the basement, just behind the nursery school. (My host-mother had a nursery school.)

My first days in Aberdeen were not easy for me, although it was still interesting. In this first week, they showed me the town and the school. We went to Aberdeen Central High School, where I got registered and got a locker. Later in that week I met some of Alisha's friends who where really nice to me. The only thing that was bugging me was the time difference, or jet lag, as they call it. I got really tired in the afternoon, and then when it is time to go to bed, I am wide-awake. Many people asked me a lot of questions about how it is in Germany, where I live, what we do and so on. Once, we were looking to the stars and I said "We have stars in Germany, too."

Day 6 - First Day in School
[contents] School starts in most of the States after Labor-Day, but we started one week before Labor-Day, so my first day in school was on Monday 26th, one week after I had arrived. I went to bed at one a.m. and I got up at a quarter to seven. Alisha drove me to school and at eight, I went to the counsellors' room where I met nine other foreign exchange students, three female, six male. We got some information about school, a guided tour through the building and so on. At ten thirty we could finally go to our classes. I first had chemistry and then maths. At half past eleven, school was over and Diane came to pick me up and we went to McDonald's. Then we went home to eat what we had bought there. Later in the afternoon, everyone was gone, so I was alone. Since I got nothing to do, I lay down on the couch and watched a movie.
Day 7 - The Fan
[contents] School was so far so good. Classes were eighty-five minutes long and we had ten minutes time between the hours to change the room. That year, on CHS there were only four classes instead of usually seven or eight. Since I was an exchange student, I had to take English and American Government. The other two classes I had, I chose maths and chemistry. This was not a favorite schedule of mine! Now I will briefly explain my "normal" day: I got up at six thirty to take a shower and eat something. Because Alisha had to go to flags, we arrived in school at seven thirty. Classes began at eight twenty. I first had English Literature (no comment) and then american government, which is a mandatory class that noone really likes. At noon, it is half an hour for lunchtime. Since that time was not long enough, I usually ate my pizza in "Super-Study". Most people called it "stupid-study" because it was a useleess waste of time. After that I had chemistry, but I didn't understand that teacher. Nobody did. During mathematics I was always tired in the first few weeks because that was the time I was used to go to bed. At three twenty, school was over. On tuesday night, I went to the movies with Alisha's sister Christa. We watched a movie with Robert DeNiro, called "The Fan".
Day 8
[contents] On wednesday noon, Diane and I ate pizza at Godfather's Pizza. In the evening, I brought my film to the picture corner in Wal-Mart. They had to be ready on friday but they weren't. I also bought some stuff for school and a lot of candy to eat in between classes.
Day 9 - MD
[contents] (I don't write her name, because I don't want her to get mad at me. If she explicitly wants to be mentioned here, she should just tell me by sending an eMail.) Thursday night, MD, one of Alisha's friends, came to visit her. I had met her before and she was kinda funny. She had been Alisha's best friend since kindergarten. We played with Scooby, Alisha's new puppy (Her old dog had died a few weeks before.), until he fell asleep. Then, Alisha turned on her black light. (I think it was BLUE, but that doesn't matter.) All three of us were lying on her waterbed talking, and at eleven o'clock I fell asleep. At least that's what they thought. I was just pretending that I was asleep, to test their reaction. Alisha even pulled at my hair to test if I am really asleep! Later, when MD went home, they "woke" me up.
Day 10 - Minneapolis

[contents] On Friday, we went to Minneapolis, to visit some relatives. After a six-hundred mile ride we arrived there at two o'clock in the morning. On that Saturday, we went to the Mall of America, the largest shopping center in the world. We stayed there the whole day until half past nine. The day after, we went on a picnic in some sort of a park with the whole family, we were about twenty people. In the evening we returned home and watched some videos. At midnight, everyone went to bed. On Labor Day, we went shopping again. This time, we went to a "smaller" mall, Maplewood Mall in Maplewood. We had lunch in there. This time I bought some more stuff then before. I never liked shopping before, but I have learned to like it...
Day 17 - MD again...
[contents] On Friday, MD came to me to get some lessons for her algebra-class. We just made her homework and talked about other stuff. Later we decided to watch a movie. We chose the Lion King and put it into the VCR. We put the dog Ribsy outside, since he was making weird noises (he's an old dog). MD and I lay on the couch, watching the movie. After twenty minutes, she fell asleep right next to me. When the movie was over, I turned off the TV and tried to sleep also. I carefully took her hand, but I dunno if she noticed that. Shortly after I had fallen asleep, Alisha came home and she woke us up both. Meanwhile, it was almost two o'clock in the morning. They talked a little and then MD returned home. Later, I asked Alisha if she thinks that she likes me. She answered "Ribsy? Oh yes." - "Ribsy is not a she, but a he" I answered, "I asked for she!" - "Oh, MD? I think she likes you...Do you like her?" Alisha said. Hesitant I answered "Yes...". - "That's good" is all that she answered. I think if she wouldn't have liked me, she wouldn't have slept on the couch next to me.
Day 24 - Friday the 13th
[contents] Like every day, I had school until three twenty. I went home to do my homework and do nothing. We had pizza at Pizza Hut for dinner, and at night, I watched TV until three a.m. They were showing all the movies called "Friday the 13th".
Day 25 - Birthday Party
[contents] On this Saturday, I slept until two thirty in the afternoon. I took a shower, ate something, watched some TV and did my homework. That all was easy since there was nobody at home. Alisha came back from work at six. I don't know when Diane came home. At night we all were invited for a birthday party at the "Refuge". MD's mother got fifty years old the day before. It was just us five. Alisha and MD had had a fight the day before, and they didn't talk to each other the whole evening. I even had to sit between them. After we had finished, we drove to the Millstone. Well, actually we did not. We went to some party near MD's house...heh....On Tuesday or Wednesday during that week, Diane left us. She had to go to Sioux Falls and then to Topeka, where her husband Ross had been. On Sunday 22nd , there was a meeting for all the PAX students where we got information about the trip to California. I met some students I had met before and it was really weird to talk german again. Every night, I had called MD, but she either was not there or she was too busy because of her work. On that evening, I wanted to go to the movies with her. It was merely eight o'clock when I called her. I asked her if she wanted to go to the movie theatre, but she said she was tired cause it was late. After I said "Come on...!" she said that she would ask her mother. After a short while she came back and told me that her mother wouldn't allow it.
Homecoming Week
[contents] Monday the 23rd was Come-as-you-are-day. Many students were in school in their pajamas. Just like I had been doing all the time, I came to school on my Inline Skates. And when I arrived at school, I noticed that I had forgotten my shoes. So I had to walk around without shoes the whole day. After school I went to the weight room and at four o'clock, I returned home. In the evening we went to the homecoming coronation. Tuesday was Hippie-Day. There were not many "hippies". After school, I went to the weight room again and Diane picked me up after that. At seven we went to the pep rally. On wednesday I had to have a speech in English class. It had to be a persuasive speech with any topic you wanted. So my topic was "Save the forests - eat more beavers!". I was not afraid of talking to people, but when I was standing in front of my class, I really got nervous. I repeated parts of my text and I forgot a big section of it. In addition, I was just stuttering. In American Government we had a substitute teacher who let us out twenty minutes before class was over. By the way, that day was favorite-teacher-day. Since I had no favorite teacher yet, I put my StarTrek uniform on. Thursday was spirit-day, blue and yellow, but when I got up that morning, I had forgotten about it. At nine p.m. I went to the movies with Alisha and some friends of her. We watched "First Wives Club" and after, we drove a little through town. At one o'clock in the morning, I called my father in Germany to ask if I might go on that trip to California. Okay, go ahead, he said. Then I went to bed. Friday was skip-day, so we didn't go to school. I stayed in my bed until noon. I had a really strange dream that night. I got a phone call in my dream, Alisha picked it up and gave it to me. "It's for you" she said. And the guy on the phone told me: "It's over with MD, forget it, leave her alone,..." and so on. Those are the exact words. At seven that night, Diane, MD's mother and I went to the homecoming game, we sat down and watched the game. Later, Alisha and MD joined us. It was really cold and I hold MD in my arm. Pretty soon she left, and then Alisha followed her asking me if I wanted to come along. Of course I agreed. I tried to sit next to MD, but she didn't really respond to me. She even walked away to sit with her friends. Then they all suddenly walked away to the "bathroom". When they came back, MD didn't sit down next to me, she didn't even look at me! Instead one her friends came to me. She said she wanted to talk to me - about MD. I immediately knew what was going on. She told me that MD had told her to tell it to me because MD didn't know how to tell me. "She wants to be your friend, but not more, you know...". She asked me if I'm okay and she tried to calm me down. But it didn't work. I took my full automatic machine gun and blew up everyone in the stadium...no that's not true...just kidding. But I was mad at that moment! The worst thing off all was that I didn't know who to be mad at. [...] Later that night, after the game, we went home to take a shower. Some of Alisha's friends came to go to the dance at the school's arena. We got there at eleven thirty. First I still felt mad or bad or sad but later on I danced a little but I still dinna enjoy it. At midnight, we drove to the Millstone, a restaurant, to have a cup of hot chocolate.
Day 39 - Christa
[contents] This was a real movie-day. It started at one o'clock in the morning. I first watched the StarTrek episode I had taped the night before. Then I watched the movie "Speed". After that, I watched "Twelve Monkeys" and "Copycat". At five a.m. Alisha's sister Christa had arrived. She fell asleep in her room on the floor. At seven thirty, she woke up again. I had just eaten a pizza, because I was hungry. At nine the movie was over, so I went to bed. I didn't take my cloths off, I just fell down into my bed and fell asleep. I woke up at sixteen hundred hours and completed my diary. At night I went to the movies with Christa watch the movie "Maximum Risk".
Day 40
[contents] I woke up at ten, had some fried eggs for breakfast and did nothing until five, nothing means: listening to the music, watching TV, doing homework, etc. I also went to Northern State University with Diane to play some pool billiard. Then I ate some pizza leftovers from the day before. We had dinner at Millstone and I went to bed at ten.
Day 41
[contents] As usual, I got up at seven. Then I went to school, where I tried not to encounter MD because I still felt bad. After school I went to the weight room until four thirty-five, then Alisha came to pick me up. I watched TV, we had dinner, and then I watched StarTrek: Deep Space Nine, the episode in which Odo became Human. I fell asleep at nine thirty.
Day 42
[contents] First of October. Last night I couldn't sleep, so I was thinking about MD. I thought I should write her a letter or something, then I decided to make it into a poem. (I won't print it here, unless she allows me to do it.) I wrote the poem on a neat sheet of paper. I went upstairs to take an envelope and some tape. The new puppy Scooby had pooped on the floor (Where else!?) and I wanted to tell it to Diane, but she was asleep on the couch. I watched into Alisha's room because the light was on, but she was asleep too. I put the poem into the envelope and took the tape. It was eleven thirty already. seven and a half hours later, Diane woke me up. When we arrived at school, I went to MD's locker immediately. I opened it pretty quick (I knew the code) and put the envelope inside with a piece of tape. Then I went to my locker. School was like the day before. I got home at five, first I watched TV, then we watched the movie "Twister" And we had dinner. Delicious chicken breast. Hmmm. Then I went to the mall with Diane to buy some postcards and a birthday card for my grandpa. We got home at nine.
Day 46 - The Neighbors

[contents] Saturday, at seven thirty, my parents had called me, so I woke up very early. I fell asleep again until Diane woke me up at eleven. We went to the parade of the Northern State University's "Wolves" homecoming. All the schoolbands of an area of about 100 miles came here. When Aberdeen Central's Flags came, I stood on a traffic-control-system-box (I dunno what it was) to be able to take better pictures. When the parade was over, Diane and I went to "Thatzza Pizza" which was on the other side of the street. We had a pizza and afterwards, we went to the game at the NSU's stadium, the same as the week before. After the game we went to Wal-Mart to have my pictures developed. I also bought a pound of Skittles. When we returned home, Diane went to sleep. At five I went outside to read the Book StarTrek-The Final Frontier. I fed the dogs because they seemed to be hungry. At six twelve p.m. I talked to Nikki, our neighbor who was cleaning up the backyard. I continued reading my book and at seven thirteen I went to the neighbors again. I told them that everyone at home was asleep and they invited me to have dinner with them. I left a note in the kitchen and went over to them. We decided to go to Wendy's for dinner. Nicole was driving (Nikki) to the drive-through and ordered some chicken burgers and a cheeseburger for me. I asked her if I should pay for my burger, but she said that it was fine. All right. We returned to her home, ate our burgers and played some games. At half past nine, her sister Kelly called from the Movie theatre, so Nikki had to pick her up. Kelly was there with her friend Alicia. We all went home and played games until eleven thirty, then we watched TV. Then Kelly's parents went to bed. After Nicole had gone to bed also, I returned home. When I came home at midnight, Alisha, who just woke up, told me that Diane left at nine thirty. She made herself a TV-dinner and we watched Dangerous Minds until two o'clock.

Day 47 - The Glimmerman

[contents] Diane woke me up at eleven to ask if I wanted to go to church with them, and I said no, but I wanted to go out for lunch with them afterwards. At twelve they came back to pick me up to lunch. We went to BB's at the Holiday Inn. Then we went to the mall because Alisha needed a haircut. I went to Musicland to buy a CD. Alisha was looking for a top and since I knew that was gonna take a long time, I went to the movie theatre, watch the movie The Glimmerman. I liked that one a lot. I was supposed to meet Diane and Alisha in front of the theatre, but I was too early,so I went to look for them and I immediately found'em. Then we returned home.

Day 48 - Community Service

[contents] This was the first monday in October, and everyone at Central had to participate in what was called "Community Service". My group had to go to the Elk's Club, clean it up a little. I got there at a quarter past eight and at half past eight, we got some donuts. Then the work started: Hanging up lamps, cleaning windows, a short break to warm up (it was cold outside), cleaning windows again, vacuum the basement and play pool billiard. It was over at eleven. Amber gave me a ride home. I watched TV and had lunch. Then I did my homework until three twenty. Then I went to the weight room until five o'clock. I returned home on my inline Skates. I watched TV until we went for dinner at Scotty's. At night we went to Wal-Mart because Alisha wanted to buy a Santa Clause hat for her puppy Scooby. We returned home at nine.

  Day 49 - Second Poem

[contents] That morning, My best friend from Germany called me at six thirty. We talked a little about school and other stuff. At seven, it was still dark outside, but I went to school anyway, again on my inline skates. In the first ten-minutes break I went to MD's spanish class. I walked over to her desk and asked her if she had already been thinking about my letter. "I'm too busy..." she says. I answered: "There was a question, remember, the last line...or do you want me to write another poem?" Since she was just smiling, I said to her that I would make another poem for her. After that I had to hurry because I was late for Government class. I had lunch outside, superstudy wasn't as boring as it used to be because we had to fill out some sheet for the yearbook. In my third hour, Ihad open campus, so I went into the library to make that poem. Iwas having difficulties with it so I did it together with the librarians Mrs. Evens and Mrs. Johnson. I wrote the poem on the computer, print it out and put it in an envelope. On the outside, I wrote her name. After that, I went to the principal's office to have her name read out through the intercom during the break. Now, I went to Mr Coyle's class to do my assignment. When the bell rang, I looked into the hallway and I saw "her" walking towards the restrooms. When she came back I saw her smiling at me. I was confused so I ask her: "Why are you laughing?" - "I don't.", is her answer. I try it again: "I mean, why are you smiling?" - "Yes..." Is all she answers. I say "Why?" to her, but she returns into her class whitout giving an answer. I really got nervous at that point! I too returned into my class to talk to my math teacher until I heard through the intercom, like it is every ten-minute-break: "Messages at the principal's office for...". Many names came in this, and "her" name was in between them. In math, we had a quiz (a quiz, not a test!) and at three o'clock we had to go to a college information meeting in the arena. But since that was no use to me, I was free. I walked to the principle's office to see if the envelope was still there. It was gone. So I guess she had read it. Or at least took it and threw it into the garbage can. Then I went to my locker to put my stuff away and walked to the arena. I heard somebody playing the drums in the orchestra room, so I went inside. I first listened to him and then I played myself. At three twenty, I went to the bean-bag room at the counselor's office. There was a meeting for the exchange students together with the Wings. It was boring. At four o'clock I went to the weight room to lift some iron. At five, I returned home on my skates. There was nobody, so I watched some TV until six, when my PAX community coordinator came to ask me some questions about the exchange program. At seven, Diane, Alisha and Scooby came home from taking pictures. When they got hungry, we ordered a pizza and for dinner we all ate some pizza. At night I talked to Alisha about MD until I fell asleep. I ate some more pizza and took a shower. I went to bed at ten o'clock.

 Day 50 - I am Sick
[contents] Wednesday, October ninth 1996. At seven twenty-five, Diane woke me up to ask me how I am, because the day before I hadn't been well either. I really felt worse this morning so I quickly decided not to go to school today. I slept until noon, ate some soup and watched TV. At half past three Alisha came home. She only went school at ten. At six thirty-five I watched America's Funniest Home Videos. After dinner I listened to the radio KQAA, Cool Ninety-Five.
 Day 51 - Ross is back
[contents] Today was the day I first met my host-family dad, Ross. After school, the whole family came to pick me up. Ross was driving. I quickly saw that he's a nice guy. We drove to Wal Mart to get my medicine (remember: I was sick) and then we went to the Millstone to have dinner. Just like Ross, I ordered a chief salad, Alisha ordered some chicken and Diane the salad bar. We talked about many things, and we had a lot of fun. I started liking Ross. We had kind of the same sense of humor. Diane said "I am Diane" and he answered "I am hungry"... Afterwards, we went home again. I did some homework and talked with my family.
Day 52 - Brookings
Day 53 - Party at Scott's
Day 54 - A packet for me
Day 55 - Native American Day
Day 56 - Gummybears
Day 57 - Speech
Day 58 - Terrordrome in weightroom
Day 59 - Paul Laroche
Day 60 - Brookings with two grandmas

(To be continued)

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